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C-Series Pendant Housing Screws Buy One Get One FREE Radparts PN: 75 3040-00 Varian PN: TM230100412/10-900112/A230100412 Regular Price: $0.75 each   $50.00 off Deionizer Cartridges Radparts PN: 85 6100-00 Varian PN: 832526-01  Regular Price: $250.00 each September Special: $200.00 each Need Service? Need a machine removed or relocated? Contact us for more information Tell Us How We Are Doing We take pride in providing exceptional Read More

Monthly Specials

The world’s largest independent, employee owned distributors of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators, Radiotherapy Simulators and Radiation Oncology equipment.      0-160 PSI Water Pressure Gauge  Radparts PN: 85 6184-00 Varian PN: 27-239906 August Special: $10.00 each Regular Price: $15.00 each       Varian MLC Fans Motor Driver Side:  August Special: $20.00 each Regular Price: $30.00 each Radparts PN: 37 3017-00 Head Transceiver Side: Read More

Updates In the Industry…

To Design New Cancer Treatment Center, Kaiser Borrows From The Luxury Spa Industry Radiation treatment is a physically wrenching process. But Kaiser Permanente hopes a spa-like environment will improve patient outcomes.  Radiation therapy is physically and psychologically grueling. And because of the technology required, it often takes place in sterile, dim, underground spaces. But for its Radiation Oncology Center in Anaheim, California, the medical provider Read More