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SLAC accelerator plans appear in Smithsonian art exhibit

Leroy Schwarcz, one of the first engineers hired to build SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory’s original 2-mile-long linear accelerator, thought his wife might like to use old mechanical drawings of the project as wrapping paper. So, he brought them home. His wife, acclaimed enamelist June Schwarcz, had other ideas. Today, works called SLAC Drawing III, VII and VIII, created in 1974 and 1975 from electroplated copper Read More

Researchers reach atomic milestone

SLAC scientist says breakthrough could lead to advances in MRIs, quantum computing, electrical grids Physicists at a Menlo Park research facility recently had a Big Bang moment. For the first time, researchers at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have been able to take a direct look at electrons orbiting atoms, a feat that gives scientists a new way to study materials and could possibly play a Read More

Custom Liquid Cooling Systems from Laird Optimize Particle Accelerators Performance

Laird has developed self-contained liquid cooling systems (LCS) that deliver optimal temperature stabilization for more precise temperature control in particle accelerators like linear accelerators (LINACs) and cyclotron systems. LINACs and cyclotrons increase the kinetic energy of particles for use in a variety of applications, ranging from scientific studies on particle physics to radiation therapy for cancer patients. Temperature control within the linear accelerator and cyclotron Read More