Linear Accelerator

A wide range of modern equipment is used in the medicine industry today. Research and development progresses the technology used in the field, allowing more effective machinery to be manufactured – and in turn, more lives to be saved. It is vital hospitals and clinics use the latest equipment, to improve the success rates of treatment programs. A reliable machinery supplier is needed to fulfill this need.

Acceletronics is a company that specializes in supplying medical institutions with top of the range equipment. Based in the United States of America, it ships out machinery orders throughout the country as well as around the world. Both new and refurbished machines are sold by Acceletronics, in addition to a number of spare parts. It offers a range of services in various international locations, including system installation and maintenance.

A popular product provided by Acceletronics is the linear accelerator, a machine used in the majority of hospitals. Linear accelerators are often used to treat patients with cancer. Their modern technology allows beams of radiation to be fired directly at cancerous tumors, killing cancer cells. This process aims to eliminate the cancer and prevent it spreading around the affected organ. The machines offer moderate success rates, and developments are constantly being made so they are able to save more lives.

The linear accelerator can be used to treat all parts of the body. It uses microwave technology to accelerate tiny, high energy particles known as electrons towards a heavy metal target inside the machine (in a region known as the ‘wave guide’). As the electrons collide with the metal, x-rays are produced. These x-rays are directed as a beam out of the linear accelerator and towards the cancer cells. The beam comes out of a narrow opening known as the gantry; this can be rotated around the patient’s body to treat the appropriate area. The patient must be correctly positioned on a special type of seat to ensure the x-rays enter the body at the correct angle – this is achieved by moving both the chair and the gantry.

Linear accelerators can only be operated by specially trained medical personnel. The machine itself checks the patient is in the correct condition to receive the treatment, which prevents any mistakes being made. The patient receiving treatment remains conscious throughout the process (it is painless), and can speak to the operator through an attached microphone. The machines also have a television system installed to monitor the patient and ensure they aren’t distressed. Whilst using radiation for medical purposes can be very dangerous, operating a linear accelerator is safe due to all the necessary precautions taken.

Acceletronics supplies a variety of linear accelerator models to its customers. A team of trained technicians are on hand to give any necessary advice. Products are shipped out as quickly as possible, and can be delivered with emergency notice in some cases. If installation of the linear accelerator is required, this is also possible – Acceletronics offers the best in customer care.

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