Medical Equipment Companies

Hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions rely on a team of dedicated suppliers to provide the equipment used in their establishments. A great majority of the machinery used in the medical field requires specialist technology that can only be produced by particular companies with the necessary expertise. Such companies are located around the United States and most manufacture their products domestically.

One of the USA’s top medical equipment suppliers is Acceletronics. Acceletronics offers a wide range of equipment for use in hospitals, including highly specialized radiography equipment. Radiography machinery is most commonly used to create images of a patient’s inner organs, in order to assess or diagnose any conditions or problems. It is also used to treat cancer patients, by emitted high energy radiation that has the ability to kill cancer cells.

One of the most popular medical equipment products sold at Acceletronics is the CT scanner, a special type of x-ray machine. It is larger in size than a normal x-ray machine that will be used in the majority of cases to produce a scan image. Rather than sending one single x-ray beam through the body, a number of beams are sent through the body at the same time. This allows a fuller image to be produced, allowing a larger portion of the body to be observed. CT scanners are often used to assess the exact location of a cancer tumor. The scan takes place before radiography treatment.

Acceletronics supplies a vast amount of linear accelerators; these are the machines used by many medical establishments to treat cancer. The machine produces high energy radiation using microwave technology, which is then gathered as a beam and emitted from the gantry (a laser-type part). The gantry can be positioned in a variety of angles around the body, allowing the beam to accurately target the tumor. The radiation has enough energy to kill the cancer cells – or at the very least, stop them from growing and dividing. Treatment programs with the linear accelerators, although painless, can be very intense, lasting up to twelve weeks.

A range of complimentary equipment is offered at Acceletronics, to accommodate all the needs of medical institutions. One such item is the patient positioning system. The patient positioning system is used in combination with a variety of machines, including the linear accelerator, the CT scanner and conventional simulation rooms. The system can be electronically operated to alter the position of the patient, which is necessary in some types of radiation treatment.

Both new and refurbished equipment is provided at Acceletronics; the company appreciates that some institutions need to take certain cost-saving measures, so offers reasonably priced alternatives to brand new machinery. In addition to this, the company offers full installation services for their products in certain locations. This is as well as the regular maintenance service provided, which involved a trained technician checked the system on a monthly basis. The around the clock support service ensures customer calls are answered within fifteen minutes; Acceletronics is dedicated to providing swift solutions to problems as well as machinery of the best available quality.

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