Varian Accelerator

The Varian accelerator is a linear accelerator that can be used to treat various types of cancer. It offers more control than the older Cobalt 60 treatment systems and is safer than the older systems. It can also be used as a piece of imaging equipment, helping you diagnose and treat your patients.

The Cobalt 60 treatment method involved inserting radioactive particles around the tumor in cancer patients. This method was effective at treating the cancerous area but also would damage the healthy tissue that came into contact with the radioactive particles. The Varian accelerator uses a focused burst of radiation that can be targeted directly to the tumor and avoid the damage to the healthy tissue that older radiation therapies caused.

Varian accelerators can also be used for a broader range of beam therapies than were available with the older radiation treatments. These accelerators can be used for 3D CRT, IMRT, IGRT and DART. They can also provide multiple dose options for your patients so that they can receive shorter treatments, which can reduce the effects on their immune system.

Varian accelerators also provide a Real-time Position Management (RPM) system. This helps the doctor target the tumor with the radiation treatment with more control and can minimize the effect on the surrounding tissue. It even offers high resolution MLC which helps to control the beam and keep the effects under the control of the doctor at all times.

Varian accelerators provide a full 360 degree treatment delivery area so that you patients can receive a treatment without having to contort their bodies into uncomfortable positions. This allows the doctor to treat a wide number of cancer locations without the constant shifting and movement that would be necessary in stationary linear accelerator system. They have a frameless immobilization system which assists with the access to any part of the patient’s body.

The Varian accelerator also comes with a full third party interface which allows for an outside company to monitor the motion of the machine. This allows third party companies and other branches of the hospital to monitor tumor motion with real time images which can assist when a second opinion is desired or required for the doctor. It can also be used as a teaching tool and the video captured can be shared with educational classes so that they can see the actual effects of radiation therapy on isolated tumors.

There are clinical benefits to the Varian accelerator as well as the one listed above. With the highest dose rate allowed, the accelerator provides for a shorter session which allows the oncology department to treat more patients in a single day and lessons the stress on the patients being treated. They also have a tight alignment and can be positioned based on a three access system which allows them to target even the smallest of tumors.

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