Varian Linear Accelerator

Having a family member or loved one told that they have cancer can be one of the scariest moments of your life. Many of us picture cancer victims wasting away in a hospital bed with no hair and no will to live. We imagine the most horrible types of treatments available. There are advances in treatments made every day and one of the best new treatments is focused radiation supplied by a Varian linear accelerator.

The question that many people have is; what is a Varian linear accelerator and how can it help cancer? To answer the first part of the question we must examine how a linear accelerator operates and what it does.

A Varian linear accelerator is a tube, it can be almost any size with the largest being 2 miles long, and that has a series of electronic bands along its length. Particles are generated from a transponder at one end of the tube and are then aimed along its length. As they particles pass each electronic section, they are subjected to a negative electronic charge while the particle itself remains positively charged. The resulting conflict hurls the particle to the next electronic section where the process repeats until it is hurtled from the end of the tube much faster than it entered.

The second part of the questions, how can it help cancer, is actually one of the most interesting. The particles generated are radioactive and can treat cancer because cells exposed to radiation will die. The problem with radiation therapy over the years is that the entire body is exposed to the radiation and the patient can often get sick from the radiation treatments. With the Varian linear accelerator, the doctor can focus the treatments to exactly match the size of the tumor.

The meaning of this should be clear for anyone working with a family member or friend who is diagnosed with cancer. With this ultra focus, the Varian linear accelerator can target the radiation directly onto the cancerous cells and avoid much of the external damage to healthy cells that was caused by traditional radiation therapy.

The Varian linear accelerator also provides several different treatment and scanning options. It can help with different beam therapies and can deliver various dosage rates for the radiation. The Varian linear accelerator is one addition that every hospital should have because of its versatility and ability to operate with a variety of patient needs.

Varian is the world’s leading manufacturer of radiation treatment devices. They manufacture equipment for everything from medical x-ray imaging to radiation treatments such as the Varian linear accelerator. They also produce some of the most advanced radio surgery techniques and supplies in the world.

If your hospital is looking to purchase a Varian linear accelerator, the first step should be to visit Acceletronics on their web site, There you can read about the various advantages of using a Varian linear accelerator and also learn about the various radiation treatments available. They can also be reached by telephone at 1-800-543-5144.

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