Dubai Trip a Success for Acceletronics

There’s no better place than Dubai for companies looking to expand into the Middle East. Last month, Acceletronics sent two representatives on a 17-hour trip to the city to attend one of the largest medical conferences in the world, the Arab Health Congress (AHC).

The Middle East has seen an explosion in the healthcare industry in recent years, with Dubai at the center of it, and the city has become a global hub thanks to its encouragement of international business.

The AHC expected more than 100,000 attendees for the event, about 10 times more industry professionals than at the largest show Acceletronics regularly attends. The convention center’s 20 halls were filled with companies covering nearly every aspect of healthcare, including everything from hip replacement technology to the carts that warm meals in hospitals.

Tony Richardson, the Acceletronics vice president of sales, made sure to bring his walking shoes to make his way among the 3,000 exhibitors from all over the world.

“This was very much an educational visit,” Tony said. “It required a lot of walking up and down aisles, but we were able to visit face-to-face with representatives from many companies in a very short time, which we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise. We came out of the show with many new contacts, and we feel like it was a very successful trip.”

The four-day congress proved fruitful, even if was a bit tiring for show attendees. Tony came home with a large number of follow-up calls to make to companies that expressed interest in with a partnership with Acceletronics for linear accelerator parts. The global expansion is part of the company’s broadening focus of servicing other radiation therapy equipment.

The linear accelerator parts company is already looking to next year’s AHC with an eye to building even more contacts in the Middle East.

“It’s a challenging area,” Tony said. “But we went with unclear expectations and we came home with a lot of good information and contacts that we feel will really benefit us in the future.”

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