Fix It If It’s Broke: Repairing Linear Accelerator Parts

Linear accelerator parts

Linear accelerators are complicated devices. Each one has thousands of parts that work together to send subatomic particles hurtling at incredible speeds toward a target. They can be used in radiation therapy to fight cancer, academic research and more.

It only takes one failing part of the Varian® linear accelerator to stop the entire machine. Those broken parts are not just tossed in the trash. Instead, RadParts often refurbishes and repairs the parts for future use with the same level of quality as a new part.

In fact, RadParts repairs several hundred parts a year for clients all over the world. When a client sends us a damaged part, we can often get them a replacement within one day. We then take the damaged part and hand it over to our trained technicians to repair for resale.

Working in pairs, our technicians go through a five-step procedure to make sure repaired and refurbished parts are ready for use again in a linear accelerator. Parts are first inspected for problems. They are then tested before technicians troubleshoot the issues. After the repair, technicians test or inspect the part one more time in our warehouse’s linear accelerator set up to make sure the item works correctly.

Our goal is zero defects. We stand behind our parts and make customer satisfaction our mission. Customers who buy our refurbished or repaired parts can save up to 50 percent over buying a new component, and there is no drop in quality.

RadParts is the only independent linear accelerator parts company with a dedicated parts repair depot, and we have the largest independent selection of linear accelerator parts in the world.
For information about any of our linear accelerator parts or products, please email or call 24 hours, 7 days a week (including holidays) toll-free at 877-704-3838. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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