RadParts Keeps Delivering Despite Snowstorms

RadParts snow

Kids love snow. The more of it the better, especially if it means a day off from school. Even adults appreciate the occasional snow day.

However, at RadParts a snow day can be a very bad thing. Hospitals, doctor and veterinarian offices, research centers and other companies all over the world rely on linear accelerator parts to arrive on time, no matter what the weather is like at RadPart’s Michigan warehouse. As the world’s largest independent, employee-owned distributor of radiation equipment parts, the company has crafted a reputation on always delivering on time, as promised.

Earlier this year a band of storms tore across the state and dumped 18 inches of snow on the area. The affected cities worked hard to dig out, but RadParts didn’t have time to wait. The company immediately called in snow plows to clear the parking lot and the roads leading from the warehouse.

“We can’t afford to be shut down, even for a day,” said RadParts President Mike Summers. “Our customers expect us to deliver the parts they need to keep their linear accelerators running so patients don’t have to wait on cancer treatments.”

This winter has been particularly rough with several snowstorms, but RadParts never closed. When some shipping companies couldn’t reach the warehouse, RadParts employees called others that could get shipments successfully delivered.

“It wasn’t always easy. Nobody wanted to be out on the roads, but we had to get these parts delivered,” Mike said. “In the end, we got every part shipped. And of course we had some time to go play a bit in the snow.”

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