RadParts Offers Radioactive Waste Disposal Services Regulated by the NRC

linear accelerator

Did you know that RadParts is among a select few companies licensed by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission to handle Depleted Uranium? Due to its physical shielding properties, DU is sometimes used in linear accelerators in the industrial radiographic imaging sector and in the medical industry. Unlike many other professionals and businesses in radiation oncology and Non-Destructive Testing, RadParts is qualified to safely remove equipment and dispose of DU or other radioactive materials in conformity with regulatory requirements.

Because linear accelerators eventually age beyond their useful lifespan, it is important to have a team on-hand that is knowledgeable about how to properly remove linac equipment that has DU components. DU is most commonly found in older linear accelerator models. Tungsten and lead are alternatives more commonly used in newer models.  

So, why was DU used in linear accelerators?

Its affordability, abundance and density make it an excellent shielding material in radiographic equipment, especially where space is limited. However, due to its mild radioactive properties, there are strict federal regulations that must be followed with regard to disposing of old or inactive equipment.

RadParts and Acceletronics will properly remove equipment from the facility and also offers after-hours or weekend service to minimize employee or patient disruption. In addition, we are equipped to conduct complex removals by crane or elevator shaft.

To learn more about RadParts and its services, visit the website at www.radparts.com. For information about our sister company, Acceletronics, click here or contact us 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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