Surprising Ways Linear Accelerators are Impacting Your World

linear accelerator

As many professionals in the healthcare industry know, linear accelerators act as the backbone of key equipment that delivers life-saving radiation treatment to patients fighting cancer. You may be surprised, however, at some of the other ways this powerful technology is used, both inside and outside of oncology.   Here are a few interesting and powerful ways that linear accelerators are used:

– Sterilizing medical and surgical devices and human blood
– Suppressing the rejection of an organ transplant
– Irradiating food to destroy bacteria that could lead to illness
– Prolonging the freshness of food
– Many various corporate and academic research programs and government funded projects

Varian Linatron© X-ray linear accelerators are used industrially to inspect the integrity of welds,  castings, munitions, aerospace products, bridge and building structures, container screening and many more non-intrusive inspection applications.  Linear accelerators are widely used for rocket motor testing, on-site inspection of oil refineries and nuclear power plants, pressure vessel testing, and even hardware inspection.

Acceletronics not only refurbishes Varian Linatron© linear accelerators for resale, but also builds custom linear accelerators for specific applications—including radiographic inspection of castings, sterilization and scientific research.  For existing linear accelerator users, we offer new digital PLC console upgrades, replacement parts, equipment relocation and refurbishment services and high quality on-site service and customer support.

Since 1981, Acceletronics has been available to meet all of your linear accelerator needs in a timely and efficient manner. Coast to coast and around the world, we offer expert support from our network of experienced field service engineers 24/7, 365 days per year. We support our clients with the largest independent inventory of parts for linear accelerators in the world, with multiple stocking locations throughout the United States. For more information about linear accelerators, Acceletronics or our sister company, RadParts, email us at or visit our website.

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