Time is Money: Tips for Reducing LINAC Downtime

MLC at Acceletronics

Keeping your linear accelerator equipment in top working order is extremely important to provide your customers with continuous care and service. We recognize that nothing is more important to our customers than having the ability to take care of theirs. Because the LINAC machine includes a number of various components that function in a highly specialized manner, it is essential that your linear accelerators perform at high capacity, patient after patient, to ensure the quality of care.

When a part fails, it can force the entire machine to be out of operation until the replacement part arrives or service technicians can resolve the issue. Whether this takes only a few hours or several days, machine downtime can lead to loss of revenue and serve as an inconvenience to your patients and staff. Keep these tips in mind for reducing downtime for your linear accelerator:

– Keep a stash of parts on hand. Check out the RadParts’s blog with suggestions for the most frequently needed linear accelerator replacement parts.
– Remember, small issues can become major (and much more expensive) ones in a matter of weeks. Report any concerns or problems with your linear accelerator equipment, no matter   how minor, to Acceletronics as soon as possible.
– Consider contracting your machine to include Preventative Maintenance Inspections, or PMIs. Our expert technicians inspect machines on a quarterly basis and can often find and   resolve minor issues before they become out of hand.

In the event that you need immediate service, our global network of highly trained engineers are at your service 24/7 through our rapid response program, responding to all phone calls in 15 minutes or less. For more information about Acceletronics or our sister company, RadParts, call us toll-free at 1-800-543-5144.


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