Top 7 Spare Parts to Ensure your LINAC Stays in Top Shape

MLC Motors

In a healthcare setting, time is always of the essence and medical facilities must be able to ensure that patient needs can be met 24/7. Although advanced technology improvements continue to bring enormous benefits to the medical industry, it’s important to keep in mind that even the highest quality equipment needs tuning up on occasion. For RadParts, that means providing you with a variety of linear accelerator replacement parts quickly and at affordable prices.

To avoid finding yourself in a time crunch without the necessary pieces to keep your Varian linear accelerator equipment up and running, we recommend having these common replacement parts on hand:

1. Thyratrons: Used as a high voltage switch in a linear accelerator, the failure of a thyratron could shut the entire system down.

2. MLC motors: This motor is used to drive the multi-leaf collimator, which shapes the particle beams during radiation therapy to accurately target tumors in cancer patients. The MLC is extremely important in regulating the dosage of radiation and when its motor fails, the linear accelerator’s capability is greatly reduced.

3. Spare pendant: This part is used to control the motions on a LINAC machine. A breakdown of the pendant will limit the ability for the technologist to control the linear accelerator for patient setup.

4. Field and ODI light bulbs: It may seem basic, but these little bulbs play a big role in the world of radiology. They are used to shine a light on the patient in order to define distance to the patient and the projected treatment area on the patient.

5.Key Switches and contact blocks for dedicated keyboard: The key switch is operated every time a linear accelerator is activated for treatment. A failure of this switch makes the machine completely inoperative.

6. Pendant cable: A spare pendant cable is absolutely essential, as it connects the hand pendant to the linear accelerator.

7. Long/lat drive for patient table: The device drives the linear accelerator patient table in and out or side-to-side during patient setup. When this component is not functioning properly, patient treatment may be delayed.

Just like you would want to avoid driving a car without a spare tire handy, keeping spare linear accelerator parts on hand makes resolving last-minute equipment issues easier and more convenient.

Need a part quickly? RadParts ships next flight out on all major airlines and offers same day, next day, 2 day express, and ground and International delivery options. If you’d like to stock up on these common replacement parts or have other Varian linear accelerator needs, visit the RadParts website or contact us 24-hours-a-day by calling our toll-free customer support line at 1-877-704-3838.

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