Varian Linatron 6000 for Sale from Acceletronics

This month, Acceletronics is excited to have a special offer on a Varian Linatron 6000A NDT linear accelerator, available to customers located in the United States. Much more affordable and cost-effective than purchasing new, this extremely powerful linac can be refurbished by the Acceletronics team to its original specifications or can be modified with different energies and upgraded with a digital PLC control system.

The Linatron 6000A is a high-reliability, very-high-output machine that is used for radiographic applications that demand short exposures on very thick-section materials. It is used for radiography, radioscopy, and computer tomography inspection. It can also be applied where very thick sections of low-Z materials require extremely high levels or energy and penetration.

The machine consists of five major components, including the X-ray head, control console, modulator cabinet, power center and water pump stand, as well as the interconnecting cables and hoses.

When you purchase equipment from Acceletronics and trust our expert team members with the task of refurbishment, you can be sure that you will be provided with a system that exceeds your expectations—looking and performing just like new! We can develop a tailored refurbishment plan for your use of the Linatron 6000 and assist you with many other services, including appraisals and evaluations, inspection of equipment, transportation, installation, upgrades, as well as routine maintenance plans.

To learn more about the Varian Linatron 6000 linear accelerator for sale, contact us at or visit the Acceletronics website. You can also contact our office at 610-524-3300.

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