April 2016 – Linear Accelerator parts specials from Radparts.com

Linear accelerators have thousands of different parts that are vital for proper operation. Each month, Radparts features specials on linear accelerator parts that provide customers with deals on the parts they need.  Here are our parts specials for April 2016:


Battery, Emergency Pendant Chassis for Varian Linear Acceleratorslinac-battery

Radparts PN: 99 9087-00 / Varian PN: 74-103707

Regular Price: $49.00 each

April Special: $39.00 each

Varian-linac-gundeck-lampGun Deck Warning Lamp for Varian Linear Accelerators

Radparts PN: 55 9022-00 / Varian PN: 67-419991

Regular Price: $5.00 each

April Special: Buy one get one FREE!





Although both parts  are used in different ways within a linear accelerator system, both parts are necessary to the safe operation and maintenance of a Varian linac.  Remember, emergency pendant batteries and gun deck warning lamps for Varian linear accelerators are on sale this month! To order these parts or any parts from Radparts, contact us toll-free at 877-704-3838 or email us at parts@radparts.com.

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