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Radparts kicks off 2014 with two money-saving specials in January to help reduce our already low prices of linear accelerator parts. We know that having properly functioning radiation oncology equipment is essential to saving lives, which is why we offer such a large inventory of parts designed to save you money.

Emergency Pendant Chassis Batteries are on sale for just $40. Normally priced at $49, the batteries are used to power the linear accelerator during emergencies like a power failure. The sale is for the batteries used in the C3 Varian accelerator system.

Also on sale this month is the MLC mylar crosshair. It’s used to project a crosshair on to the treatment table or on to a patient on the treatment table. The crosshair represents the center of the field of radiation and is used to properly align the patient prior to treatment. A light, known as the field light, is projected behind the crosshair to create the crosshair image on a patient. The MLC mylar crosshair is used in all Varian machines that use a multi-leaf collimator. The crosshair regularly costs $50, but is on sale in January for just $42.

In addition to these savings, thanks to our around the clock and around the world service, those needing parts never have to worry about when their replacement will arrive or if they will be able to reach one of our service representatives.
Hurry! This sale ends January 31. To order these discounted parts or for more information, please email or call 24 hours, 7 days a week (including holidays) toll free at 877-704-3838.

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